Welcome to my little Paint Shop!

I have made it my mission to make diving into the wonderful world of oil painting as easy as possible for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned artist or if you are just starting out on your creative journey, you can find everything that I use in my studio right here in this Shop.  If you are interested in joining my online Oil Painting Tutorials, you can find Class Bundles that have all the materials for each class already put together for you. Each bundle is completely customizable to suit your needs and your budget! The only thing that you will need to source out locally are the canvases you wish to use, as it would be much more affordable than the shipping fees it would take to get them to you.


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I truly love each brand of oil paint that is featured in this shop not just for their beautiful rich colours, but also for how they flow on the canvas.  If you are just starting out on your creative journey, remember that each tube of paint will last you an extremely long amount of time.  If you are on a limited budget, I suggest choosing only one of the colours that are doubled up in each class (instead of two greens or two blues, etc. just pick one of each to start with).


I prefer to use porcelain butcher trays for my palettes.  I am quite the messy painter, and I often don’t pay attention to what is happening on my palette. Knowing that my medium will not drip over the edges gives me a wonderful peace of mind while I paint!  There are two sizes available for you to choose from.


Big blending brushes:

The Escoda Blending brushes are my absolute favourite brushes to work with. They truly stand the test of time when properly cared for and they work perfectly for the techniques that I teach in my tutorials.  If you tend to work on smaller canvases, the 18 & 24 sizes would be best suited for you.  If you like to explore medium to large sized canvases, I recommend sizes 24, 27 & 30.

Blue handle brushes:

The short handle Princeton Select Brushes are the perfect tool for adding softness and detail to your paintings.

The 1” Oval Mop and ¾” Oval Wash are perfect for achieving beautiful soft clouds or to enhance your mist work after you finish the base layers.

The Flat Wash series are a must have for my tutorials. I suggest having the 1” or ¾” on hand if possible.

The Flat Shaders are the detail brushes that you will need to create trees and to add the finishing touches to your paintings.  I suggest having a size 4 and a size 6 or 8 on hand if possible.

The Rounds are wonderful brushes to have on hand if you would like to add intricate branch work to your trees.

Red handle brushes:

The long handle Winsor & Newton University Series of brushes are wonderful for detail and tree work and are what I use the most in my studio just out of habit.  There are no major differences between this series of brushes and the Princeton Select series other than the handle length.

The #236 brushes have a slightly longer bristle and will allow for more give/flexibility as you build up the detail work in your painting.

The #237 series are my most used detail brushes and having a size 1 or 2 on hand as well as a size 4 is highly recommended.

Brush cleaning screen:

The Brush Cleaning Screen is a fantastic tool to have on hand in your studio.  It fits in the bottom of a solvent pail and is used to help remove oil paint from your brushes. You can see how it is used in my brush cleaning video!


Mediums are used in oil painting to slow down or speed up the drying time of the paint, as well as to change the consistency of the paint as you are working with it.  I offer three fanstatic mediums in this shop.

Alkyd Walnut Oil is an all-natural medium that does not have any harmful fumes.  It helps to speed up the drying time of your paintings.

Walnut Oil is another completely all-natural medium that extends the drying time of your paintings if you wish to have more time to work on each layer.

Liquin Light Gel significantly speeds up the drying time of your paintings but should be used in a well-ventilated space as it is not a natural product and does emit fumes.


To keep things as simple as possible for those who are just starting out on their oil painting journey, I have put together all the materials for each Class (including the actual Class itself) in these easy to access bundles!  You can completely customize your order to suit your needs, but I have created two quick-shop options for each class:

The Complete Class Bundle features every single item that is suggested for the class.  Once this arrives at your doorstep, all you will need to do is choose what size canvas you would like to create your masterpiece on!

The Starter Bundle suggests a more cost-effective list of materials that will allow you to still follow along with each class and produce a wonderful painting, but you don’t have to commit to the full list of materials that is recommended.  This is a fabulous option if you are just starting out on your oil painting journey.


If you are looking to purchase one of my Oil Painting Classes you can conveniently do that right here in the shop. They can be added to your Cart individually or as part of the Complete Class Bundles that are available. You will receive a special access code/link in your inbox within 24 hours of your purchase. If you are looking for instant access please sign up and purchase the class through: https://learn.sarahmckendry.ca instead.