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Sarah Mckendry
Thirteen years ago I was standing on the edge of a busy Toronto sidewalk unsure of whether or not I was brave enough to walk into a little art store and ask what I needed to paint a picture. I had never once put a paintbrush to canvas at that point in my life, and the fear of being judged for having no clue as to where I should begin was absolutely overwhelming. In those few pivotal moments where the chaos of the city street faded into a soft hush and my deep rooted need for something more began to quiet my self doubt, I exhaled and stepped forward. Those three small steps across that sidewalk often replay in my mind late at night when I am working on a new painting for a client. That was the first time in my life that I truly listened to what my heart was saying – where I finally trusted those voices rising from the depths of my soul telling me that it was time to shed the mediocrity and start living a life that challenged me on unimaginable new levels. It was time to be brave, to be vulnerable, and to prove to myself that it was never too late to start chasing my dreams into reality.
Sarah Mckendry Canadian Realist Painter