My mantra as an artist is to only create paintings that speak to the depths of my soul and to make my work as accessible as possible to absolutely everyone. I did not set out on this creative journey in search of fame and fortune, I didn’t even set out to sell my work and put it out into the universe for all to see. I did it because it made me feel whole, it made me feel calm, and it made me feel like I could finally make sense of the world around me in a way that sparked joy within my heart. When others began reaching out to buy my paintings because they too felt the same connection to them that I did, that is when I decided to shift away from the conventional way of selling art in galleries and to create my own meaningful path that allowed me to spread a little bit of joy and happiness as I went along.

Over the course of the year I release a handful of Collections via Silent Auction where every piece has opening bids of just $400. I love knowing that absolutely anyone that wishes to have a piece of my original artwork in their home is able to participate, and that those who may not have otherwise ventured into a gallery are now experiencing the Fine Art world in a new and exciting way.

I also post small Collections of available work here as they come available every month.

Next Release: April 23, 2021

Silent Auction Available Paintings